Cidatel Park
- Fort Winiary

Park Citadel is an extensive green area (app. 100 ha) located in north part of Poznan (Stare Miasto district) and is boarded by streets: Szelagowska, Za Cytadela and Armii Poznań.

During the medieval times there were extensive prince's vineyards situated on Winiary Hill, then descended by two villages Winiary. The hill was considered to be valued for military fortress already by Napoleon, but it took still some time until Germans began the work. After moving the inhabitants of these two villages to other locations, at the beginning of XIX century, the construction of new Winiary Fort (Kernwerk) began (at present known as Citadel Park).

The construction works together with reconstruction ones took time since 1828 until 1872, and the fortifications were used by army till the end of II World War. But already in XIX century the technological progress weakened very quickly the Citadel's importance as military fortifications. Despite of this fact, still for the long time Citadel performed other functions, e.g. as military warehouses or a prison. The first and (as it later turned out) the last only one war episode in the history of this fortress was at the end of II World War. It took almost one month since the Polish-Russian armies managed to capture the fort occupied by Germans. Unfortunately due to heavy artillery bombardment the big part of Citadel was destroyed.

But even heavier damages took place in few years after the war. The bricks obtained from that operation were used to rebuild the housing estates in Poznan.

From 1962, the Citadel had been turned into Monument Park of Polish-Russian Friendship and Brotherhood of Arms, based on plans by B.Lisiak. In 1992 the official name of this area was turned into Citadel Park.

In 1966 Citadel was entered in the register of historical monuments of Poznan city with a code A006 to memorize its role in the history of the city.

There are two museums (Museum of Armaments and Museum of the Poznan Army), sledge track, a few small plants collections, summer amphitheater and a few tens of sculptures located all over the park.

Commonwealth Cemetery

Park Citadel is strongly connected with cemetery placed in its southern part. It is one of the biggest military cemetery in Wielkopolska. Specifying them from the west:
  • Garrison Cemetery - with graves of veterans of January uprising,
  • old parish graveyard - with graves of soldiers of Wielkopolska uprising,
  • Russian Military Cemetery - with graves of 5829 Russian soldiers, who died during battle of Poznan in 1945,
  • Polish Military Cemetery - with graves of civil participants at the battle of Poznan,
  • Commonwealth Cemetery - with graves of British soldiers, died in I and II World Wars,
  • old Orthodox cemetery - with graves of orthodox persons, died in 1920-40.

At present The Board of Urban Greenery is responsible for the maintenance of the Park.